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The North Star Boys' Choir flies to Europe

The choir has an Instagram account that they are updated with pictures. It's so good to see all the smiling faces!

Travel has gone really well for the boys. They were full of excitement arriving at MSP airport and getting off the bus. After going through all the airport checks, they spent time playing games and keeping themselves entertained while waiting to board. They sang a couple songs for the other waiting passengers, and received a great applause. On the flight, most of the boys were able to get some sleep (after enjoying some of the movies available).

They arrived in Germany tired and very excited. Some of the boys fell asleep waiting for the tour bus to come (it's really nice transportation for them!). Checking into their hostel last night, they met a group of 4th graders who were excited to be able to understand some English outside of their classroom.

This morning (Day 3 on the tour outline), the boys were given a great German breakfast: bread, meat slices and liverwurst, cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes, yogurt and cereals and the favorite: white rolls with jam or chocolate spread. (Lisa's note: When they say "favorite", it is a FAVORITE. My husband STILL talks about the rolls and chocolate spread he had on HIS choir trip with Francis to Germany.)

The boys are having a great time!


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