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Meet Our Staff


Artistic Director

Francis Stockwell

Francis D.C. Stockwell, Artistic Director, and a New Zealander by birth, holds concert diplomas for pianoforte from the Trinity College of Music, London, as well as a bachelor of Arts degree in music and languages from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Mr. Stockwell studied voice in Vienna, Austria under Professor Ingrid Doll-Kallinger while working as a prefect with the Vienna Boys’ Choir. He taught music and languages at the Institut Montana in Zug, Switzerland from 1969 to 1997 and served as Artistic Director of the Land of Lakes Choirboys from 1997 to 2011. Mr. Stockwell assumed the post of Artistic Director for the North Star Boys’ Choir in November of 2011.

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Choir Assistant

Vicky Duran

Vicky assists the conducting staff, the parents, and the boys with any questions about the choir. She is a former choir mom whose son spent six years singing under Andy and Francis' guidance.   

Emeritus Conductor

Craig Carmody-Anderson

Craig "Andy" Carmody-Anderson is the founder of the North Star Boys’ Choir, has directed and worked with choral programs since 1976, when he founded the Land of Lakes Choirboys. Mr. Anderson, a retired police officer, holds a degree in music from St. Cloud State University. He studied voice under Professor Ingrid Doll-Kallinger at the University for Music and the Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria, and with Professor Wolfgang Powischer, a former conductor of the Vienna Boys’ Choir. Now retired, Andy continues to drive the choir bus.

Executive Director

Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams is the Executive Director and father to a Viking Choir Boy. Kevin is also a PGA Professional and owner of a Golf Academy in the southwest metro. 

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