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Our Choirs

Music Magic


This choir is for our youngest singers.  Directed by Artistic Director, Francis Stockwell, boys as young as five have a fun time in their once-a-week 45-minute classes where they learn that it takes the whole body to sing.  These boys learn motion songs, how to follow directions, and how to get along with each other.  They sing at Christmas, in the spring with possibly one or two other appearances. 

Rehearsal is on Tuesday evenings from  5:00 to 5:45.

Cadet Choir


The Cadet Choir is for new boys ages eight and up and is the training choir for the touring Viking Choir.  Conducted by Craig  "Andy" Anderson, the boys receive advanced ear training, note reading, and learn to sing in two part harmony.  Once they complete their training requirements, the boys are eligible to be invited into the Viking Choir. 

The Cadet Choir performs at the Christmas and Spring Concerts with one or two other possible performances. They rehearse Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 to 6:30 PM and receive one voice lesson a month. 

Viking Choir


The international award-winning Viking Choir is an invitation-only choir comprised of boys ages eight or nine up to voice change at thirteen or fourteen years of age.  The boys sing in several different languages and the choir is devoted to the traditional boy choir repertoire including sacred music of all periods, dating back to the 5th century, classical works, spirituals, and folk music from around the world, including the American Barbershop style. 

The Viking Choir makes many appearances during the year at churches and special events.  


The Viking Choir tours for three to four weeks every summer and goes on an international tour every third year.  


The Viking Choir is a silver and bronze medalist from the 2012 World Choir Games,  the 2018 Grand Champion of the Royal Caribbean Music festival, and has released five CDs.  

The Viking Choir rehearse Tuesdays from 6:30-8 PM and Saturday morning from 9AM to noon with optional rehearsals on Thursday and Sunday evenings.  The Viking boys receive one voice lesson a month.  



The Kantorei is made of young men whose voices have changed.  They are often graduates of the Viking Choir, but any young man is welcome to join.  The Kantorei  generally tours with the Viking Choir in addition to singing at the Christmas and spring concerts. 

Kantorei rehearses on Tuesday evenings from 8 to 9 PM. 

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