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Exploring Germany and Swizerland

I have another update and I am doing my best to keep the days straight! Here we go!

The boys are having a great time! They've spent time hiking through the Black Forest and exploring nature, have been fed great food (including wienerschnitzel and the "world's fluffiest potato balls"), and are enjoying all the new experiences.

They spent the first couple days in Germany acclimated to the new time zone. Their bus is comfortable and their driver has been taking good care of them. At the end of day 3, they arrived at The Guest House (a large facility with many bedrooms large enough for the entire group). There were goats on the property, a small river running through the property, and a giant outdoor chess board the boys enjoyed playing. The boys who wanted to hike were able to be guided through the surrounding hills and experience nature in Germany. Many of the Kantorei boys opted for a hike that brought them into town so they could see the village.

Thursday was another travel day as the boys boarded their tour bus again and headed for Switzerland. They will spend much of Friday sightseeing and... if the pattern continues... enjoying more delicious foods!

Reminder of the Instagram account:

Emily has been giving new parents access to the account as she's seeing them. If you still need access, please email me and I will send a quick reminder.

Looking forward to sending more updates!


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