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International Tour, 2023
Updated December 19, 2023

Dates: June 12 - July 1 (yes, the dates have been slightly adjusted) 

Cost: $3,200 per boy

Staff: Francis Stockwell - artistic director
          Emily Anderson, Nurse
          Paul Bell, prefect (also the camp chef) 

Please refer back to this page as concert details are added.  You will be notified each time this page is updated. 


Monday, June 12th             Day 1:           

8.25 p.m.   Depart Minneapolis    Condor Air ?


Tuesday, June 13th            Day 2:      Arrive Frankfurt.   12.15 p.m. ?

Travel to Baden-Baden to our Youth Hostel  111 mls (1 ½ hrs)

Our transport for tour „Der Elsetaler”

Address: Werner-Dietz Jugendherberge Baden-Baden        

Hardbergstr. 34,  D-76532 Baden-Baden

3.30 p.m.  Arrive at Baden-Baden

There we will rest, recuperate and acclimatize for 1 ½ days.


Wednesday, June 14th         Day 3         Baden-Baden

Thursday, June 15th              Day 4:        Baden-Baden  –  Zug  (Switzerland)  (172 mls)  ( 2 ½ hrs.)

Address:                                          Jugendherberge Zug, Allmendstrasse. 8,

                                                        CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland              

Friday, June 16th                    Day 5:         Zug - Zugerberg                               


Saturday, June 17th                Day 6:         Zug –  Füssen (162 mls) 3 hrs


Sunday, June 18st                   Day 7           Füssen – Neuschwanstein – St. Florian  4 hr 3 min (342.3 km)  

 Accommodation: Florianer Sängerknaben.    (St. Florian Boys' Choir)    

                               Barbecue, swimming etc. with the two choirs, parents and host families.  

                               Internal concert at the St. Florian Fellowship Hall.

                                Later in the evening the boys go with the St. Florian choirboys to their families

Monday, June 19th                  Day 8             St. Florian – Munich

10.00 a.m.     Choirboys meet at St. Florian, dressed in Travel Uniform, carrying luggage and bag lunch.

10.30 a.m.  Depart for Munich


Tuesday, June 20th                Day 9             Munich  


Wednesday, June 21st            Day 10         Munich – Reutlingen  2 hr 27 min (218.4 km        



Thursday, June 22nd              Day 11           Reutlingen - Neresheim  



Friday, June   23rd                   Day 12             Neresheim - Strehla    

     5.30 p.m.    Arrive at Strehla.

Accommodation: Jugendherberge Strehla.      CONFIRMED.



Saturday, June 24th                  Day 13         Strehla

3.00 p.m. Travel to Doberlug- Kirchhain

5.00 p.m.  Concert   Evangelische Kirchengemeinde

6.30 p.m.   Barbecue

9.00 p.m.   Drive back to Strehla     


Sunday, June 25th                     Day 14                Strehla

5.00 p.m. Concert: Strehlaer Protestant Church    

     Afterwards Grillfest at the Jungendherberge

     Or Morning service??


Monday, June 26th                   Day 15   Strehla → Suhl

      Accommodation: Suhler Knabenchor.   


Tuesday, June 27th                  Day 16             Suhl. – Ellwangen 


Wednesday, June 28th             Day 17        Suhl -_ Dinkelsbuehl - Ellwangen              

Thursday, June 29th                Day  18         Ellwangen - Windsbach


Friday, June 30th                     Day 19           Windsbach -Stuttgart         




Saturday,  July 1st       Day 20              Stuttgart →  Frankfurt  → Minneapolis

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