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2023 Spring Concert Program

Thank you so much for your support of the North Star Boys' Choir. Your donation will ensure that more boys will be able to learn the value of honor, integrity and perseverance through their time in this organization. 

This program is being recorded for air on CCX Media Television.  Please turn off your electronic devices.  No flash photography please.  Your attendance at this concert is your implied consent for any incidental appearances on TV.

Please stay tuned for the Spring Concert program.

Music Magic

Cadet Choir


Viking Choir

Choir and Audience

Members of the Choir

Music Magic

Arseniy B.

Timothy B

Harmon C. 

Rodrigo G. 

Daniel K.

Finnley L.

Jack R.

Cadet Choir

Andrew C.

Jannik L.

Bogdan M.

Michael M.
Daniil Z.

Viking Choir

Samuel A. 

Spencer B.

Catcher B.

Daniel C.

Alex D. 

Jordan H.

Noah L. 

Roman M.

Logan P. 

Joshua S. 

Micah S. 

Nathan V. 

Nolan W. 

Kenneth C. W.

Issac Z.


Ilias A.

Xander A. 

Leland A.

Sebastian C.

Alex D.  

Jordan H.

Benton H. 

Caleb L.

Jerry Li

Nathan L. 

Ian M. 

Freeman P. 

Jake P.

Mark R.

Taras S.

Carter S.

Hudson Y. 

Ryan Y.


Francis Stockwell, Artistic Director

Craig Anderson, Director Emeritus 

Kevin Williams, Executive Director

Vicky Duran, Administrative Assistant


Thank you

St. Michael Catholic Church

CCX Media 

Nell Alburto

Javier Cerda

The parents and volunteers of the North Star Boys' Choir. 

Please join the Choirboys for refreshments and fellowship following the concert. Thank you for joining us. 

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